Saturday, October 15, 2005

What's playing on My iPod

Wired Magazine had a regular article in which people were asked what was playing on their ipods. I mentioned in an earlier blog what sort of podcasts I was listening too. I have to admit it was techie stuff, Techphile and this week in technology or TWITS. As well, Diggnation.

Now I have branched out; I listen now to: UNICEF which gives some good background on third world events, Grace to You, the podcast of the ministry of John MacArthur. He's got a great bible study radio program. Other ones are the CBC Radio3 podcast, which is a compilation of new and undiscovered Canadian talent. Then there is a neat sci-fi one called EscapePod. This gives some interviews and some readings, plus news for sci-fi geeks.

Another one I found, and this is good news for all Browncoats is the Signal a "firefly" podcast.

Understand, you don't need to have a iPod to listen to these, simply download them all to your computer and enjoy listening.

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