Thursday, October 27, 2005

U2 in Detroit

This past Tuesday I was able to enjoy my birthday present from one of my daughters, two tickets to see U2 in Detroit. It was first time to see the band live and let me say they did not disappoint. I can think of three words that can describe the concert A Maze Ing. I've heard they put on a good show, and they did. It was great, a mixture of both their classic hits, Sunday, Bloody Sunday, Where the Streets have no name and Pride to name a few. Of course this being the Vertigo tour, there were a number of songs from their new CD How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. As well, they played Beautiful Day and Miss Sarajevo which is a very moving song. Some of the unique moments; when Bono asked the crowd to show their cell phones, the place lit up. He asked everyone to text a message to this number. The number was for, it's a group dedicated to AIDS works and debt relief in Africa. You could pick up a silicon bracelet, which I did. It's white and so yes I am now one of the silicon bracelet wearing people you see.

I went to the U2 website, and found the list of songs played. Here it is. We also bought a t-shirt each and I got a couple of buttons.

I also read at the website that the band will be releasing a DVD of the concert. I think I shall buy it, yes I shall.

It was a great night, and I do want to attend another U2 concert.


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