Friday, October 07, 2005 - the original daily p2p and digital media news site

I think if I did a blog covering the RIAA and their ongoing malfeasance I would never run out of things to comment about on a daily basis.

To give the quick backgroun, the RIAA decided to sue Candy Chan for possessing pirated material and being a distributor. She claims no knowledge and told the court it was her daughter Candy that was the evil-doer. She had the handle. So immediately the RIAA went after the 12 year old girl. Here's some of the documents. They want to appoint a guardian for her during these proceedings. The end result of all this was the plantiff's motion was denied. Good for the courts, at least with Candy Chan. The matter is now, will the RIAA decide to go after Britanny or will they realize how stupid they look and how this will damage what little credibility they have with the public.

One chart for example shows that p2p file sharing has tripled since the start of the lawsuits. Good idea guys and gals, perturb your clienteles even further.

This is an example that the citizens have decided the actions of the RIAA is wrong and should be ignored.

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