Friday, September 16, 2005

UN control of internet? Try again

this is an interesting comment by the Christian Science Monitor. The UN is concerned that the Internet is too controlled by the US and isn't doing enough for the third, fourth worlds, you know the usual stuff that comes from the UN.

Now the UN wants to set up an advisory board to develop and here's the quote: "The document, produced by the UN's Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) this summer, calls for shared roles by government, commercial interests, and private citizens but doesn't spell out exactly how these roles would be played. It also calls for "effective and meaningful participation of all stakeholders, especially from developing countries" and more resources - human, financial, and technical - for poorer countries."

While laudable let's remember who is wanting this, the United Nations, a body that interested in anything but what they say they are interested in. This body is totally corrupt, the plaything of dictators and also anti-US.

The Internet works because the US government did not feel a great need to control the Internet. In fact the first group to 'own' the Internet didn't want commercial interests involved at all. The Internet is flourishing because people and businesses are able to exist with a minimum of interference.

Who will be responsible for this new Internet? Will the Chinese who are busy with another crackdown on dissidents? Or the Saudis? The list goes on. Let's remember this is the same group that chose a Libyan to head a committee on freedoms.

Simply put, the UN needs to keep its hands off the Internet. If they want to expand Internet access to the third and fourth world then make money available to develop it. Their plan of another 'body' to control it will spell disaster.

Un control Internet?

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