Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Bid to Repair a Presidency

Damage control is always interesting. President Bush realizes his performance during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was abysmal and was responsible for an incredible drop in popularity. He also knows the mid terms are just over a year away and pictures of the devastation will haunt Republicans, especially if New Orleans stays destroyed.

He goes before the nation and promises to rebuild the city and region. While laudable there is a few question marks, namely how do you rebuild a run a war at the same time. The war in Iraq is costing the US economy big time, and with the increase in gas prices eventually going to cause a slow down, it spells great problems ahead.

Among the danger, to stimulate the economy the government will pump in a lot of money, something in the area of 200 billion dollars which may trigger some inflation, which may make matters harder on the lower class.

Meanwhile the war will drag on, with no end in sight. For a war that was declared over, it's still costing the US economy a whole lot of money.

My hope is for a rebuilding of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and more preparation for hurricanes. But what the final price tag will be and who will eventually pay for it all, remains to be seen.

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