Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Australian IT - Music industry 'greedy' (Astrid Wendlandt and Jeffrey Goldfarb, SEPTEMBER 21, 2005)

Consider filing this article under your "The Music Industry Still hasn't got a clue" file. They want to mess with the price of downloadable music. Steve Jobs calls it plain greed on the part of the music industry and you have to agree with him. He also predicts:"If the price goes up, they (consumers) will go back to piracy and everybody loses". Well the loser will be Apple and the Music Industry, people willl simply go back to whatever is the son of Napster, or are we at the grandson of Napster? As long as the option is free downloads the Music industry has to realize they can't gouge the public like they did with the costs of CD's. The consumer now has options and are no longer beholden to the Industry as the only source of quality music.

I should say that the opinion of the music industry is divided and from the sound of the article, equally between the raise and the keep the price. Actually there should be a third, drop it. Consider once a file is placed on iTunes it can be downloaded again and again, there is nothing physical. One fellow said this:
On the other hand, Sony BMG CEO Andrew Lack said earlier this year that Apple is benefiting from two revenue streams, sales of both the iPod devices and song downloads, while the music industry has only one.

"I'm not making any money on this," he said. "I've got one revenue stream that a proctologist would have a hard time analysing. It's not pretty"
. He has more then one, he has iTunes as one, he has retail as the second and record clubs as the third, so this Andrew Lack fellow is blowing smoke out his, well where the proctologist is interesting in examining if you know what I mean.

Just a quick note to the industry, you are a lumbering dinosaur and the tar pits are just a little to your left. Enjoy the slow death. I am so looking forward to the day the industry is bought out by Yahoo! or Google and are dragged, kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

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