Friday, March 09, 2012

More News about the South Side

While follow the brantford hashtag, I came across this tweet:
Builders have said that the south side of Colborne Street in #Brantford is a precarious site making the Laurier/Y too costly.

The person(s) behind this tweet is involved in the excellent blog City of Insight. If this is the case, there is some serious stuff gong to come down soon. I suspect there will be an attempt to downplay such news, after all, the side of the hill is fine. It is stable, everything will be fine, the forces behind the push for the Laurier will have to do some serious spin if they cannot move ahead with this project.

While we'll simply have to wait to discover if there is any truth to this comment, it means we should listen carefully and read between the lines of any and all announcements from now on regarding the south side of Colborne.

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