Friday, March 23, 2012

Dispatches from the Class War Front

Just in case any one is keeping score, the Class War is doing quite well, for the upper class that is. Not only are government going out of their ways to ensure that banks and billionaires are protected from the dangers of the recent recession, but they are ensuring other acts against the lower classes. In the UK, the most recent budget contains cuts that affect everyone but the very rich. The concern is towards pensioners, and why not, they tend to be conservatively minded voters and will likely vote for the government. Of course the government wants to cut welfare spending, and that is usually done by slashing benefits and not by doing anything to get people jobs. It's easier to slash then help.

Now that's across the pond. We're seeing the same here, I anticipate the new McGuinty budget will feature a lot of slashing to the welfare part of the budget, after all you just can't expect the poor to be shielded from the problems of deficit, oh and by the way, the wealthiest part will experience a tax windfall.

If that's not bad enough, there is a new movement going on in the States and I suspect it will come to Canada soon enough and that is the attempt by many cities to ban giving food to the homeless. I know it's one of those things you just got to shake you head.

So cities are attempting to ban people from providing food to the homeless. The reasons given are only for the best, because the homeless lack access to proper medical care they might suffer more if the food is not prepared correctly. Of course instead of providing services to help this happen its far easier to threatened and stop people from doing that sort of thing. One of the methods is to arrest people who give food to people. I mean this is like killing people isn't it, that sandwich is actually a weapon of mass destruction. In Orlando they arrested member of "Food Not Bombs" after they dared to feed people. Again the reason is the food might not be good for homeless people.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York is also doing the same thing, he is doing so because he is concerned the poor might be exposed to food that is too high in salt. After all we know that one of the main concerns facing the homeless is high blood pressure.

The only problem with this is, no one is buying it for a second. The real reason is that cities want to get rid of homeless people from certain areas and the best way to get rid of them is not providing for their basic needs. I made the suggestion that Major Bloomberg knows that homeless people are like stray cats, you feed them once, you'll never get rid of them. Of course there was one person who obviously failed the class on recognizing sarcasm. Well, enough of that. The real sarcasm is when an official of any of those cities stand up and trying that nonsense that this is all for the protection of the health of the homeless.

Then there is the issue of getting permits. If anyone understands anything about municipal government, the permit is the way cities control things, if they want to interfere, they make people get permits. They never say how easy it is to get a permit but I suspect if you want to feed the hungry, don't waste your time.

Right now its easy to have a smug attitude up here in Canada, but let me say this, it could come to Canada real quick. The climate is already in place, various Boards of Health already have rules and regulations concerning the production of food by churches and other not for profit groups. You need documents or have signs warning the kitchen has not been inspected. In the past church groups that cooked part of the meal off-site have been warned it must stop. Just wait until the denizens of Yorkville or Queen Street West grow weary of all those homeless people and all those do-gooders who feed them, trust me it will come to Canada.

I suspect the time is coming, when businesses that have food and throw out food will be forced to put security guards at their dumpsters, because we can't have to homeless access food from dumpsters, because it might be bad for them.

Dive! Trailer from Compeller Pictures on Vimeo.

If this video is correct then there is food to be harvested and trust me there are those in power who will stop this.

What else can happen? If cities are serious in getting rid of homelessness how about this for a suggestion, poison the food. Sure, set out feed distribution centres for the homeless in specific location and make sure the food is laced with Warfarin. Hey, isn't that the best method to deal with vermin?

The attitude of the lackeys of the corporate elite is that the poor, the dispossessed don't have rights, they are dirty, they don't deserve anything, if food means they will survive then use food to get rid of them. It starts by putting stumbling blocks before those attempting to help the homeless and then its only a few steps to using pest control methods to finally deal with the problem.

Class Warfare, and the Upper Classes are winning, for now.

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