Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do we need to look beyond Governments?

I've read one editorial that has already declared COP16 in trouble. Sad isn't it, only one day in and already there's problems. Perhaps the problem is we are failing to comprehend the fact that western governments are losing the battle for climate change. For some reason they seem more involved in almost protectionist policies when it comes to climate. It also appears that Canada will be one of the leading foot draggers when it comes to the issues of global warming. A recent news article states Canada is failing to keep up with the US in matters such as reducing carbon emissions. Of course this is nothing new, it's been a problem since the days of Chretien; it went something like this, the US is bad because it didn't ratify Kyoto, Canada is good because it did. The US has been steadily reducing carbon emissions, while Canada continues to crow about ratifying Kyoto. I think there's a problem here.

Another problem may be we are not including an important player and that is private enterprise. I know activists such as Naomi Klein were beside themselves when you mention the importance of industry in solving the problem, but I believe now the situation is such we all must work together.

She does make a lot of good points, national governments are sadly in the back pocket of those lobbyists who have the deep pockets and so far that usually are those involved in Oil and Gas Industries. But it seems a lot of other voices are not coming to the fore in the world and speaking forcefully of the need to reach an agreement. There does need to be an agreement which protects all life on the planet, that is fair to those in the underdeveloped world, they should not have to take it on the chin so that the West can continue to follow its wasteful practices.

I have at the top of this blog the logos for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. I know some may argue against the involvement of business, stating the very idea of sustainable development is questionable. In way that's as bad as the previous mentioned idea that the west gets away with it, only this way we say there is no further development, you are stuck where you are. A number of companies are beginning to get it, they are going out of their way to implement policy that does lower their carbon footprint, that invests in sustainable and green technology. Some companies are now looking at partnership to manage raw material and not simply destroy it all.

The challenge before us is to develop a new source of energy that is inexpensive, sustainable and can be used throughout the globe to develop and enhance the lives of those who have been left behind. This may sound impossible but we are a creative bunch, if we can put our minds to it.

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