Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bringing about Peace, Diversity and Harmony

So Katrina has been telling me about some of the discussions going on in her various classes at College. It seems there is a great deal of about issues affecting social sciences right now. One discussion dealt with the issues facing the First Nations. It has to be acknowledge there has been a long history of wrongs perpetrated on the First Nations people.

It's not the purpose of this blog to go into a great discussion about the wrongs or the problems now facing the First Nations.

I was wondering if there is a problem of attitude. While I hope society has become more enlightened about these issues, I will admit there is still a long way to go on both sides of the issues.

So what can bring these diverse groups together. We have seen that working on separate agendas doesn't seem to do it. Attempting to redress wrongs by apology is a start, but there is a few problems. Remaining a victim doesn't work, nor does saying that its all in the past, or constantly living with this feeling of 'guilt'. Or at least always pointing the finger.

Then I thought to myself there are three things that can bring all parties together in peace, harmony, diversity and love.

They are:
1) The Village People
2) Disco

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