Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is the iPad in Trouble?

I realize there might be a few snorts of derision directed towards me. I mean I can I even think the iPad is in trouble. Here is the devise that is now the gold standard for the tablet computer. Let's be honest it IS the tablet computer. If there is going to be any more, they will all play catch-up. The devise is beautiful and every other superlative one can come up with to describe a devise.

Plus, how can I say its when the numbers of potential sales are reaching the 7 million mark, globally. Yes that is right, that's the number analysts are saying the sales should be by the end of this year. That is impressive no matter what the scale used, or if the numbers can be considered questionable. It is certain that Apple will own the tablet PC market, just like they own the MP3 player market, although there is some nice items coming down that should make a person think twice about purchasing the iPod Nano or Touch.

Is it because I'm an Apple hater? Certainly from reading some of my blogs, you may suspect that, I'm not exactly enamoured by some of the stunts of the MacSlappy, for example. Understand, while I will not likely ever by an Apple computer, I do like Apple products. I do own the iPod Touch and as I hear what might be on the next generation Touch, I am excited. The thought of a camera, 5megapixels as well is amazing, plus flash, as in light, not flash as in Adobe.

I haven't proven anything, have I? In fact I seem to say things are going to be very nice for the iPad.

Yes you are right, so I should present my proof. Here it is:

As you know, I am a big fan of Diggnation. I watch each episode every week. I am hard pressed to say if I ever missed one episode. I enjoy the interaction of Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. Both bring an interesting perspective on tech news. Yes there are times they take none of it seriously and at times they are total out there, but they can be very insightful as well. This past week's episode one of the stories had to do with the Kindle 3 that Amazon was going to release. They were both discussing it, with Kevin reading and giving his opinion of the new devise. It is known that it is being pushed along by the competition of the iPad. It promises to be smaller, lighter and generally better then the previous iterations of the Kindle. The print is going to be 50% better and so reading it will be even better. It also plans to be cheaper, coming in at $139.00 or so US.

Again, that is amazing but the Kindle isn't an iPad killer, it's usually the other way around, the iPad, with its ebook reading ability, especially since the books can be in colour and the ability to 'turn' pages, its supposed to give the Kindle problems. However I'm still not answering my opening question.

Now here it is, when the guys discuss the new Kindle what impressed Kevin was the form factor, plus the price for just wi-fi. He also went on to state and this is where it gets interesting, he talked about what he would bring along in his carry-on or his travel bag. He said three items, the first would be a Mac Air computer, since it does all the computing he needs, second would be his iPhone, for both games and stuff and the Kindle 3. It's the lightness of it, plus the fact battery life is three weeks. Alex then asked if the iPad would be in his carry on and Kevin said it wouldn't be.

That statement tells me something is amiss with the iPad, and Kevin also said he doesn't enjoy reading on the iPad. Now Kevin and Alex are both popular with the tech crowd. They are the rock stars of the podcast world. Second, they are both early adopters, they both tweeted about their experience standing in line waiting to purchase their Apple gadgets. Kevin is an Apple Fanboy, he does admit it a number of times, early on this used to get Alex very angry, but he's mellowed. They are also in the key demographics of the Apple user, as well. For Kevin to say he would not bring his iPad when he travels tells me there is something not quite right with the iPad. Sales have been good, but I wonder now if its popular to use. Or does it take up space in a drawer some place, only coming out when the owner wants to show it off.

I realize its not much, but it does make me think there has to be some radical revamping for the second generation of iPad.

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stevex said...

If you're looking to travel light and you're already bringing a laptop, I could see leaving the iPad at home. Would an iPad user who didn't have a lightweight laptop like the Air want to bring the iPad? Maybe.

The iPad is more of a couch device than a beach device. I don't think that means it's in trouble. There are more couches than beaches. :)