Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Garden: End of August

The first planting took place beginning of May and so with the summer season drawing nigh, I'm going to look back at the gardening experience 2010.

I'm going to start with the pluses of the past season:

1) Zucchini. I had, as you know from reading this blog, two kinds, One Ball and your basic zucchini. Both were plentiful, especially the former. I read that one person said, with tongue in cheek, zucchini could solve world hunger all by itself. This is certainly true, is there a more prolific plant then zucchini. Perhaps next "Leave Zucchini on your neighbour's porch", the zucchini growing world should gather all the excess and put them all on one, or two of those super oil tankers. They should said to the continent that is experiencing famine, sneak into harbour, say in the middle of the night, and drop it off on the docks. Then the ships should leave, with wharfs full of zucchini, plus recipes.

I've dug up a few plants, they had served their purpose plus I had a nasty outbreak of powdery mildew. It slowed the plants down but now they were dying. I gave away a lot of zucchini this year, plus it showed up in a number of dishes and desserts in our home.

2) Tomatoes. I decided to try a few different plants this year. Three to be precise, Early Girl, Roma and Lemon Boy. The latter two did very well, I've been harvesting the past few weeks. Those of you who have gardens know there is nothing sweeter then eating a tomato just picked from the vine.

3) Eggplant. A first in my garden. I grew the Little Fingers variety. Turned successful. I may try the regular size next year.

4) Pepper: One plant and the peppers are going to be hot!

5) Sunflowers. The Prado Red is marvellous.

1) Carrots. May have one, maybe two carrots. Must read up on what I need to add to the soil.

2) Sweet peas, a few plants, some pods, not as much as I had hoped.

What about the flowers?

The Celosia: I both planted seeds and transplanted small plants. All have done well, plus a few suddenly appeared in the garden. Must have been some seeds from last year. A surprise in the garden can be a delight.

The Zinnias: these seeds were given as a gift. Quite a flower. Lot of them are growing and enhancing the colours of the garden.

I imagine another month or so. I'm already beginning to plan next year's gardens. It will involved digging, adding compost, topsoil and planting more seeds. Plus moving a few plants around.

I'll keep you posted.

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