Sunday, May 30, 2010

Of Gardens and Gnomes

After all the concern about privacy and Facebook, which are two topics that will appear in future blogs. I thought I'd change a few things and lighten up for this weekend. The last weekend of May deserves something light, after all the summer is only a couple of weeks away and that's the time we all can start to relax, at least that is the hope.

So Gardens. Yes, the time of planting has arrived and I have over the past month and a bit taken the spade to the ground and done some turning of soil and adding fresh compost and topsoil to the work. I've also expanded the little garden to include a third bed a little further down the back.

As of now, most things are planted. I still have to add a few zucchini plants, for the upcoming chocolate zucchini cake which will be made, although I do have some hybrid One Ball Zucchinis starting to show. We're not sure if they can be used.

I'll give you a report of how its growing from time to time.

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