Thursday, May 06, 2010

Canada's Next Governor General

There has been a great deal of attention being given towards the Office of the Governor General. At present, Her Excellency Michaëlle Jean is coming to the end of her term. The discussion in Ottawa is who should be the next Governor General. It seems as if her term shall end and Ms Jean will enter an honourable retirement. Of course, the Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff now wants her term extended. He feels she has done a great job and deserves a few more years. Whilt it could be argued she has done a fabulous job representing both the Crown and Canada, his move has perplexed even his supporters. I mean if Chantel Hebert is confused and she's a Liberal fangirl, then there is something weird going on.

Let's ignore Iggy for the time being. Who should be the next G-G? Who should be the Queen's Representative in Canada? It is a very important position and certainly gives the office holder a great deal of a profile in the nation and world. There have been a few names, to give a few, Rick Hanson, Wayne Gretzky, Walter Gretzky, of course in Brantford, they give both those names for everything. Even William Shatner has a facebook fan page calling for his nomination.

Now for my opinion. I've thought about it and I think the best candidate for the position is:

Rex Murphy.

I know what some are thinking, "you're kidding, what attributes does he possess?"

Here's my list:

1) he's a journalist, well more of a columnist
2) he's works for the CBC.
Since the last two GG's worked for the CBC, let's keep the precedent going.

3) He's extremely erudite and possesses a great knowledge and uses the English language with great skill.
4) He's run as a candidate in Newfoundland as both a Conservative and Liberal. Thus he appeals to both parties. Plus he thinks Pierre Trudeau should be the greatest Canadian, which will appeal to federalists in Quebec, as well as the latte slurpers in Toronto.
5) On the CBC, he has a popular radio program, which appeals to people outside of the major centres of Canada.
6) He is critical of the Anthropogenic theory of Climate Change, this will make his appeal great in Alberta.
7) As a columist he has a great opinion about the nation and will no doubt let the Prime Minister of the day, a few bits of those opinions.
8) He's a Newfoundlander. As Canada's youngest province, it will mean they have matured and are no longer outsiders. Plus it will quiet the ongoing whining and complaining about everything from Danny Williams.

All in all, he should make a pretty good G-G.

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