Friday, April 30, 2010

This is Why You're Fat

A lot of people gasped when KFC announced their new chicken burger treat the Double Down sandwich. It was considered a monstrosity in that it contains two pieces of bacon, two pieces of cheese, special sauce between two pieces of chicken. At 540 calories, this is something that a) probably tastes delicious and b) will hurt going through the GI system. You will spend a lot of time probably regretting eating one, although it sounds so good.

The sad news, it won't be available in Canada.

One article states that this sandwich was inspired by the Internet. In particular the source of inspiration is the site "This is Why You're Fat". It is subtitled 'where dreams become heart attacks'. This is an amazing site, if you like your food in huge amounts and covered with everything that is bad for you, then this is for you.

As you can see, the people behind the site have also produced a book, of which I just got a copy. Through the wonders of Amazon, I was able to purchase the book for about $1+ shipping and handling. It is an amazing book. First of all, the book features a photograph of a Luther Burger ( page 116). The book contains photographs, stories and recipes for some of the food portrayed. It is truly an amazing book, one in which you can gain weight just by opening the cover.

The site features photographs of food. Food in all its glories. It is based upon the notion that people should not live on celery sticks alone. This is what you eat when you've had enough of Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig's. As you leave, this book is under your arm and you chowing down on one of the concoctions.

It proves that the basic food groups are: cheese, deep fat and bacon. There are amazing recipes featuring either one or all three of these food groups. It's a book which features a photograph of the Twinkie Weiner Sandwich, a sandwich inspired by the Weird Al movie "UHF". Yes someone took that information and decided to copy it, again the reason is very simple, because you can.

It is also truly amazing what can be deep fried. It is deep fried because it can be done and someone is willing to do it.

So why go to the site, why read the book. One answer, it is fun. Realize this should not be your cookbook, but that it's something to read, shake your head and as the book also suggests, start eating those rice cakes.

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