Friday, April 16, 2010

Matt Smith is the Doctor

This Saturday on both Space and BBCAmerica, the premier episode of the new season of Doctor Who will be shown. It is exciting for a number of reasons, first of all, there is a new producer. Russell T. Davies has stepped down. After bringing the Doctor back to television, he relinquishes control to Steven Moffat. The other change, and this is always a big one, there is a new Doctor. David Tennant has decided to step down from the role. To him all Who fans should give thanks, he has been a wonderful Doctor. If Christopher Eccleston is credited as bringing back the Doctor, in fact in past blogs I have called Eccleston one of the best Doctors of all time. In fact, the only thing that stops him from being the best is the fact he only had one season. If he could have stayed, well, if wishes were horses, right?

Still a word of thanks must go to David, he solidified the role and the show. If there were doubts at the re-launch, I would say those doubts are no longer around. I can't imagine anyone at the BBC saying: "you know, I think this whole Doctor Who was a bit of a mistake...". Such thinking does not exist.

Now we have a new Doctor and his name is Matt Smith. When I first saw him, I must admit, I was not at all sure, in fact my first thought was: "They've hired the lead singer of A Flock of Seagulls".

It's the hair.

However, he seems to brought youth and the vitality we expect from the Doctor. Let me say that I have seen the first episode. Don't look so shocked, have you never heard of the Internet??

You can continue to read, I will not include any spoilers. I don't want to spoiler your enjoyment of the episode.

I tried to think about his performance and I have to admit, he demonstrates a great deal of confidence and authority. When one considers he is the youngest actor to take the role, it is something. Also, he reminded me, in a way of the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. Jon brought a lot of 'James Bond' into the role, the Doctor became a man of action and as you can see from the trailer that pattern will be with this Doctor.

In fact there seems to be a youth movement with the new season. A new Doctor, a new companion. We have Karen Gillan as Amelia 'Amy' Pond. Much is being made of her rather sexy image. In fact one of the local newspapers in England report of her glamorous photoshoot. There has been some complaints about it, to them I say, have you never heard of Jo Grant, who was the companion of the already mentioned Third Doctor. In fact she was as much an action figure as the Doctor was, so don't lose much sleep over this portrayal. In fact I seem to recall reading the that companion was often female so as to bring Dad to the telly to watch with the kids.

I should say there's a few other Third Doctor references, but I will leave you to find them.

There is a new beginning to the show with a slight change to the theme song. Again, no spoilers so just watch.

Roger Chang spoke on a recent episode of the podcast "East Meets West", that it might take a few episodes to warm up to Matt Smith and I would agree. The show and the role is in good hands but it will take a bit of time to get used to Matt Smith, so don't discount him, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Let me finish with the new trailer:

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