Monday, March 08, 2010

Demonstrate to Save the South Side

A Facebook Group announced that at 5:00PM this Monday, there was to be a demonstration to bring attention the unwanted demolition of the south side of Colborne Street. If you follow any of the links I've posted in the various blogs, you will note that the destruction is not a slam dunk as it once was viewed as such. In fact there seems to be a groundswell of action and attention. It's not that people are for the ending of the south side, probably because there seems to be some cracks in the plans that were once thought of the new reality are falling by the wayside.

I had the privilege of walking down the street to see what was going to happen. I did bring my trusty Insignia digital camcorder to take some videos and photographs of the demonstration. I noticed things are changing along the street, it seems those involved in the demolition have started to perform the deed:

A good group had shown up by the 5 o'clock hour:

The message is clear, there has to be a better way. The answer to the south side is not to raze it all, but to consider the alternatives. As one speaker said, it is better to renovate and restore.

My plan is to post some of the videos I shot tomorrow.

For more information, follow this Facebook group.

Peace all.

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Anonymous said...

So about 50 people showed up from a town of about 100,000?

I'm fine with stopping the demolition as long as the costs associated with restoring the buildings are split among those 50 people.