Monday, March 29, 2010

Clevr is Clever

I've been trying to do some work taking panorama photographs. With software it is possible, then I found Clevr. It seems to be a great website and application to take a group of photographs to make one very nice panorama.

I went to the website, downloaded the Adobe AIR desktop application and started joining the photographs.

Once joined, the results can be downloaded to the computer or to the website. There the panorama can be viewed through its viewer. With the viewer one can examine the result.

Panorama of Kreative Khaos on

CleVR is impressive and I can believe it will be a useful website.

I've got to admit, using AIR is easy and I will do amazing work with my camera and this site. Before the south side of Colborne is changed, it might be a great way of preserving the building through film rather then watching it completely disappear.

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