Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look to the Earth! International Year of Biodiversity

I'm going to take some time off from the south side of Colborne Street, after all, I've said my peace it's now up to all who are concerned about the future of the city of Brantford to decide. Who knows, the demolition and rebuilding of the Street may be what the City needs, in the short term it will create a number of construction jobs, which has to be a good thing.

With that, its time to concentrate on the Environment. It's been awhile since I've done anything with this subject. There was Copenhagen, which has to be a disappointment if not a total disaster. If you go to December, you can read some of my blogs, so I will say nothing more.

I have now discovered that 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity. This year is to celebrate and to protect biodiversity on the planet, since it is very important for this to happen. Nature exists best when it is diverse and not in monoculture. Monoculture is a risk, and its something we cannot afford to continue to develop.

The goals of this year are:
Enhance public awareness of the importance of
conserving biodiversity and of the underlying threats to
Raise awareness of accomplishments to save
biodiversity realized by communities and governments
Promote innovative solutions to reduce the threats to
Encourage individuals, organizations and governments
to take immediate steps to halt biodiversity loss
Encourage dialogue between stakeholders for the
steps to be taken in post-2010

The target for the year is:
To achieve, by 2010, a
signi cant reduction of
the current rate of
biodiversity loss at the
global, regional and
national level, as a
contribution to poverty
alleviation and to the
bene t of all life
on Earth”

It's to make a difference and to protect the rich heritage of life that we all enjoy on this world. All have been created to fulfil a specific role and that means all life is important and essential. We must do what we can to protect the environment. This does mean, among other things, to end the extinction of life. For too long species have been driven to extinction, not by human greed, but often because of neglect, usually through the destruction of habitat.

So now, as we start a cycle which includes Earth Hour and Earth Day. It time to celebrate true diversity, the diversity of life.

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