Sunday, October 04, 2009

John C Dvorak-the Tech Grouch

Those of you who follow my blog know that I'm a big fan of John C. Dvorak. I watch his show, "Cranky Geeks" each week, in fact I own the t-shirt. It's both a great laugh and a great conversation piece. I also read his column in, I would say I read it in the magazine, but as you know PC Magazine went all digital like early this year and yes I'm still bitter about it.

Of course there is the main site, which is Dvorak Uncensored, his blog of all things which fascinate and infuriate him. The famous '' is almost a drinking game in itself and he plugs it on everything and anything he is on. If you watch This Week in Tech, for example he used to do it shamelessly for the show, of course at first he claimed to never get any spam by using a method of changing his email accounts every six months or so. It is all the news that he sees fits to report on and it has gotten him in trouble. He complains every so often that he is regularly blocked in China and Saudi Arabia, more so because of the title of the blog rather then any support he gives to the falung gong.

Now he has a new project, a project he was born to do and that is the tech grouch. As you can see from the first clip it is Dvorak at his best. He is at his ultimate grouchiest, spewing out the vitriol and not caring a whit who gets sprayed. As Leo Laporte mentioned on the recent TWIT, this doesn't come easy to John C but it is based upon years of disappointment and disillusionment. Only a person who has lived a life such as John C can vent as he can, and wear that costume. No doubt he wears it for the sake of modesty, after all, if he was to appear as he normally does, the crowds would have gone wild.

I expect a long and fruitful career with this new iteration of John C. Long may it continue

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stevex said...

You should listen to No Agenda sometime too, the podcast that John does with Adam Curry. They're hilarious together.