Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day 2009- Climate Change

I've been around a few years, I've heard about global cooling and global warming. I know detractors of climate change will always bring up the fact that 'we've had dire warnings in the past...'.

If you're an environmentalist, you may feel that you are nothing but a Chicken Little type, always warning that the sky is falling and getting no results. It's easy, if you are such a person to dismiss everything with a swish of the wrist and mock the latest findings of scientist as more of the same old, same old.

Today, bloggers around the world have united with the same theme and that is to bring attention to climate change. Whether we like it or not, things are changing. But perhaps a bit more information. I'm not a scientist, nor do I have a degree in any biology or meterology, but I do know this- things are different. Just consider all the seasons, they seem to either start later or arrive earlier. Now I know within any given time, things like the arrival of spring can change by a few degrees now and then. Or a winter can be harsh or mild, just like summer can be wet or hot and dry. There are variables, and that is a given. But have you noticed how the variables are always changing. It's as if we're heading for extremes, and this may be the proof of climate change- if a summer is going to be hot, it will be a scorcher-breaking all records and becoming unbearable. We've had hot summers, but how about summers that are so hot you simply can't enjoy them at all.

As for winters, yes we can have the occassional green Christmas and then the next week record snow dumps are recorded. That's it isn't it. Records that have lasted 50+ years are being broken. It's almost as if we should expect unsettling weather to be the norm. Then there is spring and fall, they are almost forgotten now, they come later and last not as long. Perhaps we get a month of each, if we are fortunate.

I know a great deal has been written about social justice, and if you think about it, climate change may be the greatest cause of social injustice. If I'm unable to access clean drinking water for myself, my family and my livelihood, that is a violation of my civil rights. If climate change means the weather patterns have changed so that I either don't get the water I need when I need it, or I get too much rain at the wrong time- then I have a problem.

Right now, wars are being fought, or soon will be over water rights and access to rivers, lakes and aquifers. Why? Because the weather and climate is changing.

Continue to deny if you will; you have that right. Just consider this, open you mind, look around and ask yourself- are things different? That's all.

So you've done that and you agree, there is something happening with our climate. What next, and this becomes the exciting part. You can get involved. You can make a difference. You've heard about carbon footprints. You can read what it means, how about doing something to reduce yours. You can use this calculator to do your own math.

Learn more, get involved with some of the sites that consider climate change and discover what you can do beyond your own home.

Agitate, I don't mean going to the streets, but how about a few letters to all levels of government. Let your voice be heards. Write them a letter, express in your own words what your concerns are and some suggestions that they should consider. Ask your government to be involved with the UN Climage Change Conference this December. Right now the major economic nations are doing a little jiving and shucking, how about address them now, get out, learn what you can and tell your government, climate change is important and is not just economical. It deals with all of us as human beings. We share the same world, let's not ruin it for each other.

Steve Forbert wrote a song entitled "Good Planets are hard to find". We found the best, let's ensure it stays that way:
Good planets are hard to find,
Temp'rate zones and tropic climes,
True currents in thriving seas,
Winds blowin' through breathing trees,
Strong ozone and safe sunshine,
Good planets are hard to find.

Good planets are in demand,
Clean beaches and sparkling sand,
Land masses with room to spare,
Jet streams and perfect air,
High forests and low wetlands,
Good planets are in demand.

And the mind don't know
If the heart can't see;
Let the blind man go
To his destiny...

Good planets are rare indeed,
Rain fallin' on crops and seed,
Big rivers and good topsoil,
Fuel sources from cane to oil,
Green gardens of all we need,
Good planets are rare indeed.

And the mind don't know
If the heart can't see;
Let the blind man go
To his destiny...

Good planets are scarce and few,
Earthworms and caribou,
Strong food chains and tasty meals,
Textiles and plants that heal,
Iron mountains and skies of blue,
Good planets are scarce and few.

United Nations Climate Change Conference

Blog Action Day '09
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