Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Dell Moment

So I'm thinking to myself that I haven't said much about the new Dell Studio 17 laptop I purchased early this year. It still is a nice working machine and I'm enjoy using it for all my social networking and generally working around with the computer. It is working fine and I'm loading it with my photographs, music and other such things that I want to save and keep. As well, I can report the Dell back up service is doing a good thing backing up documents and the sort.

I've even watched a few movies on it, and with the headphones plugged in, a nice time is had by me and I don't disturb too many people.

But today I decided to watch a few Video podcasts. I've got my favourites, shows such as: Diggnation, CommandN, Geek Entertainment TV and, of course, CrankyGeeks> I mean what would I do without my weekly watching of John C. Dvorak and all the rest of the Cranks. Seriously for a relatively short time slot, they do discuss a number of the tech news headlines. Plus John C. is quick to dismiss that which is either a) a obvious twitter, google or apple PR plant disguising as a 'news story', or b) something really not that interesting. Or how about a week without Kevin Rose or Alex Albrecht, I mean, come on, if this isn't 'must see TV', I don't know what is.

For most of the time I watch over the iPod Touch. I got my iTunes set up to download them once a week, or whenever they are available. I watch, that is until today.

I watched on the glorious 17 inch HiDef screen that is the Studio laptop and let me say, not likely to watch on the Touch. There is no comparison, the colours, the quality are spectacular. It now appears many of the vidcasts are done in HiDef and I can enjoy each and every moment on the big computer screen.

It is simply spectacular. Dell designed a great computer when they decided to make the Studio. As I have read it's a link between the Dell Inspiron and the Dell XPS.

It is considered a 'desktop replacement' meaning it has the same power as the standard desktop but in a portable form. It certainly does, as it stands right now this has more memory as the main desktop. There's much I can do with this machine and do it from the comfort of the chair.

If you can remember, I posted photographs I took of the opening of the Dell box, it now seems I'm not the only one because if you go to YouTube you can find a number of videos of people doing the same thing. Perhaps for my next laptop I'll do that. Not that I'm planning to buy one any time soon, I'm enjoying this one too much, plus I got the extended warrenty on it so I'm good to go for the next three years.

Here's an example of a video:

My Dell, I think I'll keep it.

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