Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brantford- Music City Canada

The good news about Harmony Square, besides being a natural place for people to gather is that the Bell Stage has become the place for musicians to gather for all sorts of concerts.

From its inception, those responsible have made sure, or so it seems, that music would be at the forefront of all events. I've been there a couple of times already and it has impressed how music is being used to bring people together.

As it is with us as people, music eventually comes to the forefront. After all, music is such a part of our lives that it simply makes sense. It seems so far there is a lot of music happening.

Take for example today, I was downtown because of a photocrawl sponsored by the Brantford Arts Block. Of course I arrived late and I wasn't sure where everyone was going to meet. However when I got there, a whole lot of people had assembled:

From what I gathered, the local music school was having a year end or a season ending performance with a number of the students. The various students and their bands were to perform various Beatles songs. They weren't just doing note by note covers, but bringing into the song their own interpretations. The first group decided to take the Beatles songs and add a punk sensibility to them. I talked briefly with the father of the lead singer and suggested it was the Ramones meet the Beatles.

It was good and did bring the crowd to give them a good hand of applause. It is an interesting concept, to bring classic rock to the crowd, especially since the parents of the students cut their teeth, for the most part with the Beatles.

It was one of those things that just happen, you go to Harmony Square and watch the music take place.

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