Friday, February 20, 2009

Classic Dr. Who!

I was reading a few messages from the Doctor Who Information Network message group:

While we was channel surfing tonight, we stumbled across Doctor Who on
BBC kids. They are current airing Tom Baker episode "Image of the

I thought to myself "Self, this is interesting", and so I went to the BBCKids website and went to the channel schedule. I went through it and there it was: Doctor Who, Monday to Friday, from 10PM-11PM Eastern.


Classic Dr. Who! With the Fourth Doctor.

As you may know, Tom Baker was the longest serving Doctor of all time, including the present. He was probably the most popular Doctor of them all. This is due, in some degree to the fact he was the first Doctor most of us in North America ever met.

Right now, its season 16 and it is one of the story arcs of Doctor Who. It is the Key to Time arc, in which the Doctor and his companion, a female Time Lord, Lady Romanadvoratrelundar, or Romana, or Fred, the latter given to her by the Doctor as a joke.

She was played by Mary Tamm.

It is great to see the Doctor in action again.

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