Thursday, February 19, 2009

Android? Canada?

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I've been watching and listening to the live feed from the World Mobile Congress. Perhaps all this has got me thinking again about cellphones and their effect in Canada. I was curious about my cellphone company and so I wrote a letter asking about the type of network and whether or not they are planning to introduce any Android based cellphones. Android is the Linux or Open-Sourced based operating system for cellphones that is being championed by Google. One of the first phones was introduced by T-Mobile. The T-Mobile G1 uses the Android OS and it offers users a real keyboard and a totally new web experience. The idea behind this, and the new generation of smartphones is to make is bring the internet to the cellphone, and have it copy the computer experience. What all cellphone manufacturers and carriers understand is the cellphone is for more then simply making calls. It is for text messaging, listening to music, taking videos and photographs, surfing the web and sharing said photos and videos in sites such as Facebook, Brightkite and Or to take photographs or videos and email them to family, friends, or the local news outlet. In other words the cellphone is a more then a phone.

So I was wrote the letter and got a reply:

uses the GSM Network. At this time there is no talk of bringing Android based cell phones

They aren't alone, an article in itworldcanada informed its readers that there are no plans to bring any Android based phones to Canada. In other words, Canada is going to be off the map as far as open source is concerned. Another blogger decided to consider the various carriers in Canada and opined whether any of them would carry an Android based cellphone. Basically he was waiting for the new carriers that are coming in 2010 as possible carriers.

Speaking of Android, there has been a few articles regarding how Android made no presence at the World Congress. It made some wonder what is going on with Android. There was the introduction of the HTC Magic, but not much else.

Then again, there was no introduction of the Microsoft Phone either. Although some have suggested that Microsoft may have killed Android with it's announced release of Windows Mobile 6.5.

Should there be a place for the Android in Canada? Why not, why should we be at the bottom end of cellphone technology. We seem to be a few years behind, after all, let's remember how many countries got the iPhone before we did.

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