Saturday, May 17, 2008

Taking Some Photographs

A lot has been happening to change the face of downtown Brantford. Since moving here the past July I've learned that there has been a number of attempts to revitalize the downtown core of Brantford Ontario. One of the most recent efforts has been the establishment of Harmony Square. It is a public square that the city is attempting to use as a meeting place for the community.

It has become the centre for a group which calls itself the Brantford Arts Block. It is a
Brantford Arts Block is a community arts organization that was founded in 2006 to advocate and create arts-based neighbourhood revitalization, both in Brantford's downtown and area-wid

It has put on a number of events that bring people to the downtown to use their artistic ability. I suppose it could be called a grassroots movement to enhance culture and the arts.

Today they had a PhotoCrawl. The call was for photographers, either amateur or professional to bring their cameras downtown and take some pictures. The photographs could be of anything that struck the interest of the person with the camera. Now when I read that I thought "I have a camera, I like to take pictures..".

The day didn't start that well, but by afternoon it cleared up and became a great day. So with the sun and just a few clouds I jumped on the bike and headed to Harmony Square. There I met about 7 others, some with equipment that was very impressive and one with a simple digital camera like myself. One fellow came up to me and immediately recognized my Ubuntu button. He was another Linux user, going back to Red Hat 4. So it was good to talk to another fanboy. Out of that I discussed open source with another one of the photographers, so it was fun.

We were told to walk around and take pictures. The subject matter was whatever subject caught your interest.

So I did.

What impressed me was some of the interesting buildings in the area. If they could revitalize the core, these structures could become very interesting places of business and living. There is a lot of potential there that is waiting to be used.

It was a lot of fun.

The next event on the calendar is Drum Circle featuring instruments created by local thingmake Dave Hind.

Should be interesting as well

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