Thursday, May 08, 2008

No Electric Car for You

Canada has a lot going for it; clean air, except in our cities, clean water, except in places where we have oil, and our cities. We do have mountains, great towering things.

What we seem not to have, especially if Transport Canada has its way, is an Electric Car.

The Economist ran this article regarding a bureaucratic response to the possibility of building an electric car in Canada. To sum it up, they are dead set against it.

The Dynasty Electric Car Company and Zenn Motor Company both want to develop a low speed vehicle for the Canadian Market. The purpose of these cars is to provide people who drive in cities an opportunity to drive a car that produces zero emissions.

Canada has an abundance of electricity, and so you would think it's a perfect fit, especially in Central Canada where we don't hit oil every time we stick a shovel into the ground.

However the good people at Transport Canada seem to be concerned about the safety record of these vehicles.

To quote:
It doubts they would stand up in a collision with a delivery truck or a sport utility vehicle. Officials say they crash-tested one which didn't fare well, though they refuse to release the data.

Let's put this in perspective, the same vehicles, the SUV has a questionable safety record itself. However no one has ever suggested that SUV's be pulled off the road as a dangerous vehicle.

So, what is going on here?

May I suggest a letter to your local MP and ask that first of all, Transport Canada releases the safety finding of the LSV ( Low Speed Vehicle) and brings to the public debate as to why Canada should not allow these vehicles on our road. While you are at it, send a copy to Lawrence Cannon who is the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, mentioning how electric cars will benefit our communities, more then SUV's could ever.

So get those pens going.

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