Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tonight, TigerNation is RedSox Fan

Lawrence Peter Berra, the great baseball philospher and NY Yankee catcher, who is best known as "Yogi", was quoted as saying "the two words that best describe baseball is 'anything can happen'". This describes the Tiger Season to this point. What a ride, what an incredible ride. We all thought last year was amazing and it was by the way, the worst team in baseball American League Champions. The Detroit Tigers fooled everyone and surprised all the long suffering fans with one of those great seasons. Of course when this year started, expectations were high. One difference between this year and last is everyone was waiting for the Tigers, they weren't going to fool anyone.

Things were going well, it looked like the Tigers were going to repeat as Champions or at least make the play-offs. It was going too good, even after the injuries of the early season, the loss of Kenny Rogers for the first three months, Joel Zumaya missing most of the season, only coming back in August and a number of other little injuries. Couple this with a bullpen that was either incredible or incredulous but they stayed at the top.

However August came and the Tigers had a very bad month, going 11-18 and falling out of first place in the Central. The month was so bad they fell out of any hope even for the wild-card.

Then comes September and as of this day, the Tigers have won 11 games, the same as all of August. They are also winning series again, something that they were incapable of in August. Right now the Tigers are clawing their way to the top of both the Central and the Wild Card, 2.0 games out of the latter and 4.5 out behind Cleveland.

Tonight, the hated and despised Yankees are in Boston to finish a series with Boston Red Sox and guess which team I'm cheering for? Tonight, Tigers could be 1.5 games out of the Wild Card.

I close with another quote from Yogi It ain't over 'til its over.

This is why we love baseball.

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