Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cleveland 95 65 0.594 - - 07-Mar W1
Detroit 87 73 0.544 8 E 04-Jun L1
Minnesota 78 82 0.488 17 E 05-May L1
Chicago 71 89 0.444 24 E 06-Apr W3
Kansas City 68 92 0.425 27 E 03-Jul L3

So the season is coming to a close and the Beloved Tigers will not be making it to post-season play. Seems the slump they had in August did them in.

There has been a few articles on how last year's World Series participants aren't in the post season. It seems the St. Louis Cardinals had a worse season then the Tigers. But before you moan and groan, consider this:

The Tigers are only 9 games behind last years' pace. It's not so much they did poorly its just that the Cleveland Indians, from 78-84 to 95-69. That's as an impressive turn around as the Tigers had last year.

The good news, the Tigers are still strong and with the fact that Jim Leyland wants to return
to the team for the next couple of years means the Tigers will be contenders.

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