Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Something Interesting I found

One of the projects I've been working on is attempting to upgrade a computer I'm going to get my hands on. It's one that is in storage and is simple inventory. It's an XP machine and while is generally works and does a very good job, it is missing a few things. To give an example, the sound card seems not to work; even after downloading the proper drivers, there is still no sound.

This could have meant I would have had to purchase a sound card and do some installation, not that it's difficult, although the guess would have been if the machine had a PCI slot, or a regular one, and then there's the guessing.

Then, when just surfing through Ebay I came across a USB Sound Adaptor. It's works with the simple principle that it is a USB devise and so it is plug and play.

The price was very reasonable and even with the postage and handling a worthwhile investment.

Today the devise came:

The Specs are as follows:

PD552 has two jacks, one for headset, the other for microphone.
a. USB audio adapter
b. USB 1.1 and 2.0 compliant
c. USB bus-powered capability
d. 3D sound technology virtual 5.1-channel sound field
e. Hot plug-and-play USB interface, eliminates the need of a traditional sound card
f. Supports USB suspend/resume modes and remote wakeup
g. Apply advanced Xear 3D technology to the product, fully support many kinds of sound frequency such as MPG/DAT/AVI/MPG4/RM/MOV ect, and functions such as EAX1.0/2.0, HRTF, 3DX ect.
h. PD552---Virtual speaker shifter, freely set and switch the microphone mode or speaker mode
i. PD552---Record function by microphone; 16 rhythm modes for selection

I plugged it into the computer and waited for it to be found. Once that was done I plugged in headphones and fired up Windows Media Player. It worked quite well.

It is made by a company called Comodow . While not necessary I have downloaded the driver and will install it at a later time. I presume the drivers will allow for some of the special features mentioned in the specs, but for listening and also for using with a head microphone it works very well.

I also plan to install some speakers into it and see if that works as well. If it does then forget about the sound card, this will more then do.

Just something for your interest.

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