Wednesday, August 08, 2007


No doubt Stephanie will have an articulate response to the events of last night, Barry Bonds hitting and therefore surpassing the Great Hank Aaron as Baseball's All-Time Home Run Hitter. I thought I'd be the first to post how the record should look, at asterisk denoting the fact that this record was helped by Performance Enhancing Drugs, allegedly.

Now consider and contrast the celebration of when Hank broke the Immortal Babe Ruth's record

Notice the joy that surrounded his trip around the bases. Now compare and contrast it with Barry Bond homerun

Perhaps this will be the final event in the era of baseball known as The Steroid Era. 1997-2007, when may of the hallowed records of baseball were broken by players who were juiced up on the cream and the clear.

Let us now begin the era of clean ball, when players went to the plate with nothing more in their system then bubblegum and sunflower seeds.

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