Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Thrift Store is Officially Open

We officially opened the new Thrift Store in Essex today. We've been opened on the new location since the beginning of the month, but today we had the local VIP's plus a few from DHQ down to cut the ribbon.

The picture is the staff and volunteers of the Store. I wanted one picture of the group and yes that is a cat in the photograph. We do have a cat, her name is Sally Ann and she is going to get fixed.

A great bunch of people who worked very hard to make this day happen.

Thanks all.


LefthandedSocks said...

Congradulations, that's very exciting. I didn't know the Thrift Store had a cat. That's very cute. Much cuter then that creepy Sally Ann mascot that the Alberta/NWT Division has named Sally Ann. Mascots just creep me out. Cute adorible kitty cats do not. I'll have to visit her some time.

Paul said...

Yes. In fact the cat's name is,
Sally Ann. She's going to the vet on Tuesday for a little surgery.