Wednesday, February 07, 2007

By almost three-to-one, Canadians say anti-Dion Tory ads are unfair: poll

Just read my pre-SuperBowl blog regarding the ridiculous attack ads the Conservative Party of Canada ran against the Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion. As you know from reading various blogs I am not a fan of the Liberal Party, but come on Conservatives. Let me introduce you a fascinating concept, this is not the 1990's. Yes I know there are still a number of attack ads each and every election but you want to know something, people are sick of them. You want to do something positive, then deal with issues not personalities.

The result of polls is this, 3 to 1 hated the advertisement, that works out to 75% of people who saw the ad thought it was unfair. That means there were a whole lot of potential voters who will not be impressed with anything else you do during the next election campaign.

Can I make a suggestion for all the major parties, knock off the attack ads. Honestly, it just makes you look stupid. How about spending all your advertising dollars on a campaign that will centre on issues and not what you personally think of someone else.

Just a thought.

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