Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why I'm Glad I have A Satellite Dish

The National Post ran this article. Seems the governing Conservative Party has decided to buy time to run a few attack ads on the Liberals. So instead of watching the GoDaddy advertisement featuring Kevin Rose and Alexander Albrecht you will watch some ridiculous ad on how bad Stephane Dion is as a leader.

This is so sad, do you really want to have your enjoyment of a game interrupted by some stupid sleazy political ad? This reveals that the Conservatives are no different the than Liberals because given a chance it's the same old same old. Here's the thing, they want to attack him, then wait for an election, not during a football game.

I truly believe we should write to the Conservative Partyor if your local MP is a Conservative, to them and tell them we don't want the gutter. This is nonsense and they should be told off.

Fortunately, Starchoice runs the American channels without sticking in the stupid Canadian ads.

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