Wednesday, January 17, 2007

These pictures are videosnaps from the movie/documentary An Inconvenient Truth. It is based upon the book and lecture the former VP of the United States Al Gore has been given on the issue of Global Warming. I know there are some people who scoff at such an idea, they say and I've heard some of them that the world is so big and we are so small. This is true but Mr. Gore points out where we are having the greatest impact is the smallest part of the planet's ecosystem and that is the atmosphere. We are dumping an incredible amount of waste into the air we breathe and its having the greatest affect on ourselves and the climate.

Global Warming is the reality and we are seeing it in places such as Essex County, the Arctic and the Antarctic. The Icefield is melting and the effects could be catastrophic, impacting both wildlife and us.

It is a fascinating movie, one that is developing a fair bit of controversy, including attacks by the Competitive Enterprise Institute a right-wing think tank that believes in things like not helping sick people acquire medication and other acts of compassion. Also, President George Bush was asked if he would watch the movie, his response was 'doubt it'.

The movie has inspired parody including one called Al Gore's Penguin Army. It was featured on YouTube and was supposed to have been made by a 29 year old living in Beverly Hills. However some investigating has discovered it was made by a PR firm with ties to the Republican Party and a number of Oil Companies. It features Al Gore, looking like "The Penguin" from the Batman movies and has him leading an army of Tux, the mascot of the Linux Operating System. Of course because it comes from Big Oil, its total nonsense, let's recall some of the PR spin that occurred after the Exxon Valdez.

I want to encourage you to find and watch the movie and consider doing research. If he is true, we need to do something.

For too long we've done evil, now it's time for us to do good.


LadyShakespeare said...

Thank you Dad!!! Global warming is upon us and we all must work together to prevent it from permanetely damaging our natural ecosystems. Think of the Polar Bears. Now if only Steph would just believe in it.

LefthandedSocks said...

it's not that I don't believe in Global Warming, it's just that I think that Kim and Katrina, while they argue on the side of Global Warmong all the time, should learn some of the science behind it because it is a scientific issue and they just say think of the polar bears... the poor polar bears... instead of giving me some concrete facts. That's all I'm asking for. I agree that we have messed up this planet and with anyone but Kim and Katrina I completely agree that Global Warmong is a problem. It is just Kim and Katrina's refusal to learn any of the facts that forces me to take a side against them.

Paul said...

Watch "an Inconvenient Truth.