Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Week of Ubuntu

It's been about a week, perhaps almost two since I installed Ubuntu on the older computer. I have enjoyed trying it out and learning about the various programs which are accessible through Linux. I've also been reading a number of articles that pertain to the OS and have learned even a few more things. The one thing I have learned is that there is a wealth of programs available for free. In fact by simply clicking on the "Add/Remove" program one has a great number of programs in all sorts of fields to install on the computer. From games, to media programs, it is all there. I was trying out the cd ripping program and it worked well. The one complaint I have was the slow speed, I wonder if there's a way to change the setting to take advantage of the capabilities of the CD-ROM drive. As well, I have watched a few DVD's through the machine, when installing Dapper Drake, all the hardware was found.

What I have noticed is Ubuntu certainly generates a fair deal of positive opinion, one of the blogs I read gave 5 Reasons Ubuntu will Rule the World!. It's a follow up article of a previous one he did entitled: Ubuntu projected to outgrow Vista and more. Now that I don't know about, after all how can a free community based operating system compete with a multi-billion dollar operation with a marketing budget to match; then again when the man behind Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth is a billionaire himself, or close to it, he just might have the pockets deep enough to have his own marketing strategy. As well, the fact it is community based and quite straight forward may help.

If I can mention the first article about the five reasons, there is probably a sixth and that is security. All I have read state that Linux is secure from viruses. Another article entitled: ive-things-to-know-when-you-switch-to-linux
makes the point that:
nti-viruses made redundant

Because GNU/Linux is very secure, running an anti-virus is not necessary either (unless you deal with Windows files under an emulator, or pass them on to Windows users). Be careful when you go root, and keep your system up-to-date with the automatic security updates: you’ll stay safe
. I mean if that point alone doesn't sell a person on making the switch I don't know what will. We all have our AVS, our malware protector, our anti-spam software, everything we need to think we are safe and yet...

So what is next? Well, I would like to try installing ubuntu on my laptop. Before that I plan to read about LInux and wireless access, since that would be important to know. If that goes well, it's farewell Windows on one more machine.

I'll keep everyone informed.

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