Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good Bye Windows

Hello Ubuntu

Well I did it. I took my Dell Inspiron 1000 computer and removed Windows XP to install Ubuntu. I had wondered about the wireless access, but I did some reading and from what was indicated in the documents that going wireless with Ubuntu is not that difficult.

So today, I placed in a Ubuntu CD into the drive and got the computer to boot. I then moved the mouse over to the "install" icon and clicked. Well, after the usual time, it was installed and I rebooted. There it was, the Ubuntu screen and I typed in my name and my password. It happened, my computer is now a Ubuntu computer.

The next step was to determine if I could go wireless. I read some documents and felt that it was something I could do without too many problems. So I stuck in the wireless card and unplugged the ethernet cable. The result is this, I am typing this on my laptop using and there is no wires plugged into the computer, with the exception of the power cord. I am wireless and it is great.

I also wanted to see if other hardware could work and I plugged in my digital camera, it was found and I downloaded some photographs.

I still have to tweak a few things, I'm having problems playing mp3's. CD's are good but DVD's still need some work. I may have to find a few drivers for it.

Still I realize I got some work and with the help of documentation and the community I should do well.

Here's the picture of my wallpaper:

I'm looking forward to working with Ubuntu on my laptop.

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LefthandedSocks said...

Good for you Dad!

Anonymous said...

Watch your hard drive...and your BACK!!!
Bill G.