Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Time in Jail

A couple of weeks ago I was apprehended and incarcerated for crimes against people. I was working in my office when a member of some local constabulary, Wonder Woman and some guy with a camera stormed in and put the cuffs on me. I was dragged off, with two others to face the court system on what must be considered trumped up charges. In one respect, I was fortunately since all the charges; hiding Mad Magazine in the Old Testament, listening to AM800 and wasting my youth with Rock and Roll, and riding my bike were dropped but I was found guilty of not wearing my cap. The bail was set for $1150 and I was tossed in the jail.

Now before you begin to wonder, this was all part of the local Crime Stoppers Bail or Jail program. It was a fundraiser for Crime Stoppers. The idea was I was tossed in, given a cell phone and a phone book and would call as many people as possible in order to raise the money. I called family, friends and anyone else I could think of. The response was shock, laughter and demands for dinner as payback. It was quite an experience and ultimately a lot of fun.

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