Saturday, July 22, 2006

1984 vs 2006

GP W L Pct GB Home Away

Detroit 96 65 31 .677 - 32-16 33-15

Chicago WSox 95 58 37 .611 6.5 33-15 25-22

Minnesota 95 55 40 .579 9.5 37-11 18-29

Cleveland 95 42 53 .442 22.5 23-24 19-29

Kansas City 96 34 62 .354 31.0 21-23 13-39

Much of the talk regarding the beloved Tigers has to do with comparisons. Comparing this team with the great 1984 World Champions. I heard on the radio yesterday that at 95 games the '84 Tigers were 66-29. As compared with the 64-31 2006 team. While the '84 team was great I think this year's team may be their equal.

Consider this, while we all know in 1984, the Tigers were 35-5 after 40 games, the best record for 40 for all time. This year the Tigers were 27-13 after 40, good but not as good. However, here is where it gets interesting. If the above statistics are true and as we know statistics never lie, especially when they concern baseball, the '84 Tigers were 31-24 for the next 55 games. This year the Tigers have gone 37-18. If you want further comparisons, the next 55, the '84 Tigers were playing at a .563 clip, while this year's Tigers are playing at a .672 clip. This means among other things, the Tigers have been playing at a consistent pace over the season so far, while the 1984 Tigers had an incredible start and then coasted through the season. In 1984 it was .875 for the first 40, in 2006 it was .675.

This is not to take anything away from the 1984 Tigers, they were a team for the ages and had some great players, but let's also enjoy the 2006 Tigers. Will they win the World Series, that's still too far in the future to consider. However they are a consistent team that is beginning to take every challenge and prove their mettle. To give an example, when they lost 7-1 on Tuesday, there was some concern being expressed by Tigerfan. But what does the team do? Wednesday, come from behind win. Thursday a pitching duel and another win.

I remember watching the '84 Tigers, they were great. I truly believe 2006 will be a great year and perhaps even better because this is a team that is removing the bad taste of a lot of bad seasons from the mouth of us fans.

Go get 'em Tigers!

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