Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sympatico / MSN

this is an interesting article. Also a little troubling; the UN wants to control the development of the Internet. The feeling is among many nations that it is a little too controled by the US. Well historically speaking, it was developed by the US government you can read about it through this link. I won't go into the history lesson, but let it be said, it's anarchistic nature is because of the fact the US did develop it. Consider this, for the most part the US doesn't care too much about ideology. No I mean it, yes they want to present a capitalistic point of view, but that view means making money. For many years they have recognized that it is a sort of cyber wild west with very little rules to control it. yet, it has thrived. Indeed it has also become the haven of a lot of nasty stuff too, but it's really part and parcel.

Can you visualize an Internet controlled by the UN? I can it would be a place where thought is controlled and corruption is even worse.

Let the Internet stay as it is, uncontrolled, anarchistic and one of the best communication tools we have. Let the UN work on getting the 'Net to the third world and leave the rest of it alone.


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