Sunday, February 27, 2005

Technology -

after tell the 'world' my hopes and dreams for purchasing an ipod mini, an act of narcissism, I decided to comment on this article. I read in the paper this past week and truly wondered what Paris Hilton, Blogs and the President for Life of Turkmenistan have in common.

this is an interesting article for a few reasons, one, it talks about Saparmurat Niyazov and it quotes Sam Vaknin, who has submitted a number of essays and short stories to aovegroundtesting my ezine. Actually I have written the President of Turkmenistan in an attempt to get some of his poems for my publication.

I suppose this is a form of narcissism, but then again, we kept pictures of ourselves in albums, or shoe boxes and that wasn't considered narcissistic? I realize rarely were they pictures of ourselves naked making out with other women, but still we did keep photographs of ourselves. I have to confess I have googled myself and have discovered that the RealPaul Gilbert is a guitarist of renown. Which is not me by the way.

Yes I do have a blog and I do have a ezine, so what. Am I grandiose, well through these endeavours I am, but again, so what? Is it narcissism to express your opinion. Honestly do we think thousands of people read our stuff? Besides in MSM they pay people to give their opinion and usually their opinion is just as off the way as your average blogger.

Narcissistic? Probably, but then again, so what.


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