Wednesday, September 22, 2004

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For once a blog that agrees with Paul Martin. I know what you're think, better circle this date on a calendar. Let me give credit where credit is due, he is absolutely right. The UN and the Security Council are sitting around diddling about definitions when thousands of people are suffering. It is the killings, the ethnic cleansing, the rape and the displacement of people. This is another human tragedy, but this can be different, because the world can do something about it.

I thought the UN had learned from Rwanda but it seems the organization suffers deeply from NIMBY, if it isn't nearby, or if the nations or nation involved doesn't have oil, then quite frankly it doesn't matter.

Paul said this "Our common humanity should be a powerful enough argument and that is precisely what is missing. Put simply, there is still no explicit provision in international law for intervention on humanitarian grounds". You know what, right on Paul. Maybe he did learn something by hanging out with his pal Bono, or maybe all those lessons he leared from his father did come back to him.

Whatever the reason I do say, good on you Paul Martin. Keep telling them we need to get involved.


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