Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Laurier Brantford Grows!

I have to admit I was wrong. A few years ago I blogged about the big hole that was on 171 Dalhousie Street. It was the former home of Brantford Glass but had been bought by Laurier Brantford University and there was going to be a structure. If you remember there was an issue with funding and cost override and the project seem doomed to remain on somebody's drawing board.

I took a picture of the hole:

Obviously not a whole lot of faith on the matter. I figured I was going to walk past this hole for quite a few years.

How wrong I was.

Now the building is operational. It is being used for the purpose it was constructed. One of the two building is being used and occupied. Shortly, the bookstore will be taking up residence in the building.

From what I can tell, it is a very nice building:

No doubt it will be an important centre and hub to the University and to the City of Brantford. The continual hope is that with the University providing the base the downtown will grow and thrive. It may not return to past glories, but a renaissance of a different magnitude. If this is truly the information age, then higher learning is an important part of any communities plan to get into that age and make it their own.

There are concerns about the University, such as the impact it's having or not having on the downtown core. Perhaps we're still a few years away from see the full impact it will have. Should we develop a watch and see attitude that will take the development and growth in stride.

I'm sure I'll say a few more things on the subject.

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