Thursday, July 08, 2010

Canada's Next Governor General

After some speculation as to whether or not the present GG Michaëlle Jean will have her term extended, or allowed to expire, the Prime Minister has made a choice. We will have a new Governor General. The person chosen is David Johnston, the President of the University of Waterloo.

The Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, in announcing his choice declared:
"David Johnston represents the best of Canada," Harper said in a statement. "He represents hard work, dedication, public service and humility. I am confident he will continue to embody these traits in his new role as the Crown's representative in Canada."

To say he is brilliant is an understatement. The CBC website contained some of his academic and public credentials. Yet at the same time, he does come from common stock, so he probably has both feet planted firmly on the ground. It is also interesting to note, and this has been picked up by a few media outlets, he may have served as the basis of a character in Erich Segal's book "Love Story".

He also has one more claim to fame, and this is probably the reason why he was chosen as Governor General. Andrew Coyne in his comment on the appointment, in maclean's Magazine points out this fact:
And, the clincher, a stint as a CBC broadcaster (he hosted a political talk show, The Editors, that was seen on Newsworld): the fourth Governor General in a row, and fifth in the last six, with that distinction.

That now seems to be de rigueur for the post of Queen's Representative to the Dominion.

I think this tells us something of the viewing habits of our last three Prime Ministers. If you consider the GG's they have all been a part of the CBC and in particular CBC Newsworld. And people say the Prime Minister hates the CBC, that the only source of candidates for the Office of the Vice Regal.

This got me to thinking. What if the Prime Ministers had been loyal watchers of The Comedy Network, for example. Imagine who we would have had as Governor General:

one choice would have been Red Green.

Who better to give advice to the Prime Minister of the day then the man who coined the phrase: "Keep your stick on the Ice"?

Or how about Brent Herbert Leroy.

Here is a man from the Prairies, who is well-read, at least when it comes to comic books, sorry, graphic novels. Plus he's a small businessman who still lives close to his parents. I mean what is more Canadian then that? He loves the Saskatchewan Roughriders, so he's a pure a Maple Syrup, when it comes to that.

Another choice might have been Mike Bullard.

He's funny, well sort of funny. During the speech from the Throne he could stop and ask questions of the people in the front row. Plus he's not doing a whole lot right now.

Now another choice, and this may be controversial. In fact some may wonder why I include him. First off, some may say, he's not Canadian. Then again, if you study Canadian History, you will note that for more of our nation's time, the Governor General was not a Canadian. So here it goes, another choice might have been:

Andy Zax.

He's the guy in the blue robe, by the way. Yes, the Music Geek, from the show "Beat the Geeks". You may wonder why him, why not the movie geek. For one simple reason, the Movie Geek is too pompous. The TV Geek, is too typical. I thought of Andy Zax because, he looks good in a robe, which has got to be important as the Queen's Representative. As well, with his knowledge of music he could be a great source of information as the government deals with the new copyright law.

If not him, the how about Blaine Capatch, or he is just a bit too nerdy?

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Gary Neal said...

Yes, he definitely is a too nerdy. But so far I've loved what David Johnston has done! He's been very efficient and ethical and I like that about him. And I loved the comment about comedians. What if the prime minister had wanted to book a comedian?