Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Canada- the New Rogue State

As we celebrate the 142nd Anniversary of Confederation, let us consider a few facts about Canada. For some reason, there has been a few headlines which point to a disturbing trending of this fair Dominion. For some odd reason, this headlines point to one frightening fact, Canada seems to be joining the list of Rogue States. To the list which has included such nations as North Korea, Iran and Eritrea, we include Canada.

Before start to send me some bad comments, let me give you three examples:

1) Early in June, it was revealed that USAirways Flight 1549 was brought down by Canada Geese. If you read the article you will discover that a DNA testing revealed the geese had come from Newfoundland. It only makes sense, rogue birds from the Rogue Province of Newfoundland & Labrador brought down a commercial jet liner. This was an act of terrorism. Sadly it makes sense, if you want to talk about the avian Al-Qaeda, you have to talk about Canada Geese. These birds are obnoxious, noisy, dirty and if you have ever been on a golf course or a city park, they leave their own IED's. These winged Mujahideen would think nothing of taking down an airplane, no matter how many of them had to give their lives to the cause. Probably the last honks would be translated 'Goose is Good'. It would not surprise me if Danny Willians wasn't involved somehow in the act of violence to that innocent plane. By the way, in response, New York City will remove from the city airports, all Canada Geese. I suspect the US will open the Goose equivalent to Gitmo to deal with these potential terrorists.

2) A recent report from the UN labels Canada as the leading exporter of both Ecstasy and Crystal Meth. The organization's drug czar Antonio Maria Costa says:
“We have seen in Canada an increase in manufacturing and seizures in illicit drugs because of pretty tough measures in the United States, which have made some of the manufacturing migrate south towards Mexico and north towards Canada,”

So while the US is cracking down the labs that manufacture the drugs, Canada with its lax drug enforcement and soft headed judges and lawyers is becoming a haven for drug manufacturers. You couple this with the fact that in BC, marijuana has replaced forests as the largest 'cash crop', you understand this is the second step into becoming a rogue state.

3) If this wasn't harsh enough, Canada has been pegged as the leader of illegal file downloads. We are the true cyberpirates. File sharing software is on 77% of computers in Canada. We simply don't understand the necessity for artists to makes a living and so we should not do such things. Music, movies and everything in between is downloaded and shared in Canada. We are the wild west. It's no wonder the music industry is suffering, it's all because of Canada.

If you look at the numbers, you would think we are Sweden. In fact if the Pirate Bay had been set up in Canada, there would have been no law suits, no criminal trials and certainly no jail time for the founders.

To continue the Swedish analogy, a recent article in the Canada Press reveals there is a move to establish a Pirate Party in Canada. It would only make sense. However let me say that the Pirate Party is no just a one trick pony, it also wants to make issues on Internet Privacy and safety. Certainly if you read one of my blogs on the various bills being before the House, you can understand the need for this group.

So you there you have it, a Rogue State in the making.

Happy Canada Day all.

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