Friday, January 23, 2009

Dude! I've got a Dell!

Yesterday I found a sticker on the front door from Purolator. The package I had been waited to arrive for the past few days had arrived. So with sticker with the notice in hand I went down to the local office and picked up this box:

I brought the box to the family room and began to unpack:

When everything was unpacked, I found my new laptop:

My new laptop and notice it is green in colour, is a Studio 17. It has a 17 inch screen, so it gives a lot of space for things such as videos and DVD's. I'm not going to go on and list all the features and specs, because you can read that for yourself.

What impressed me about the laptop, besides the larger screen was that it was on sale so the price was only a few dollars more then one of the Inspiron computers. So the wide glossy screen was a big point. What else got my attention was the extra memory and the fact it had Vista Home Premium. Now I should say it's only been two days but I'm not finding any of the great problems and complaints that greeted the release of Vista. Then again I'm using SP1 so I presume most of the bugs and issues have been solved. I'll keep you informed.

My old laptop simply stopped working, it was over four years old and I wanted to wait until the new year before purchasing a new one. I think I'll enjoy it and I plan to install iTunes for my iTouch and a few other programs.

So far so good

In Other News

I just finished watching Dr. Strangelove, still one of the best anti-war movies ever made. It certainly manages to reveal the madness of nuclear weapons and the Cold War. What followed it is some old Civil Defense video. Both were featured on Turner Classic Movies.

Got some responses to a few email, one is from Elizabeth May. I had complained to her about the rumour she was going to the Senate. She told me it was simply a media fabrication. Another came from CUPE. The letter contained a link to a letter from Paul Moist, the National President of CUPE. He wants all to know that it is not the policy of CUPE to have that demand, rather he wants both side to strive for peace.

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