Saturday, September 20, 2008

Brantford Jazz Festival

Today was the Inaugural Season of the Brantford International Jazz Festival. It is interesting to attend the very first festival, makes it even more of a special event. It was a perfect very late summer Saturday for this festival, sunny, warm but not hot, very low humidity and in every ways perfect. It was held in downtown Brantford, which from what people have told me was not something that would have possibly happen a few years ago. It was held at Harmony Square, which is becoming the cultural centre of Brantford.

There was three stages set up in the area, the main stage, in Harmony Square and two others located on Dalhousie Street. One was for local talent

and the other was for youth. Sadly this stage was empty when we arrived.

We didn't attend all of the festival, because of other commitments, but we managed two, the first was The Young Divas with the Bill King Trio

They were quite good and by the reaction of the crowd, an enjoyable performance.

After them came Johannes Linstead. He is a guitar player and his influence was the latin jazz, and let me say he had the crowd bopping and in some cases dancing.
He was fantastic and the group was definitely in the groove:

It was an amazing set and worth the time to listen.

I would say the first one was a success and so I'm looking for bigger and better next year.


Katrina said...

now why couldnt something like this happen when I was in Brantford

Paul said...

it's commencing Katrina. Brantford will become a very cool city.