Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Along the Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail

This summer I've decided to try the trails outside of Brantford. Last summer I was able to enjoy the Gordon Glaves Trail. It's quite a trail that follows for most of the journey the Grand River.

One trail that caught my attention was the Hamilton-Brantford Trail. This trail follows the former rail bed of the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway.

It is a trail that runs from Brantford to Hamilton:

Today I managed to ride to Kilometre 12.3, which is a observation deck overlooking the Summit Water Tower. At one time there was a rail station but all that remains is the foundation of the Tower.

So I stopped and took some photographs:

I am thinking of going a little further up the trail, perhaps to Hamilton.

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Debora Short said...

Hi, Paul

Are you still publishing agt?

Let me know.

Debora Short

ps. I love your site!