Thursday, February 28, 2008

Now this is an Amazing Linux Ad

Watch this Ad:

It is any reason Linux is an amazing operating system.

With this being the end of February, or close to it, we now under two months to the launch of the new version of Ubuntu, Handy Heron.

The Alpha 5 release has been available and in a number of weeks, hopefully the Beta version will be out and then starts the exciting countdown to the new version.

This site gives the dates.

Looking forward to the 24th of April, or I may wait a few days.


LefthandedSocks said...

That was pretty cool.

Why does Ubuntu keep having all these new versions released?

Paul said...

to respond... because they have a lot of developers trying to improve the product. plus they include the latest of everything.

it's all part of Mark Shuttleworth's plan to TAKE OVER THE WORLD