Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tom Cruise on Scientology

It's making the rounds, see it before its gone.


Creep doesn't begin to describe it.

By the way KSW= "keep scientology working"

Wikipedia has information on the cult

Of course it has inspired parody:

And Scientology wants the parodies removed.

Hey good luck on that one.


Anonymous said...

Haha Tom Cruise is absolutely insane! Have you read that book the guy wrote on Tom Cruise yet? Most of it is obviously not true, like the one where Suri is the reincarnation of scientologist founder, but some of them sound fairly accurate...In Ottawa there is a Church of Scientology, my friends and I were tempted to go, but we decided not to.

LefthandedSocks said...

I couldn't get through Tom Cruise's meandering talk, but the parody was fun.

LefthandedSocks said...

Okay so I tried again and made it through. That video wasn't very informative. The only things I learned about Scientology are that a Scientologist can tell if someone else is a Scientologist and that you are either in or you are out. What was with the maniacal laughing? CREEPY